Due to security concerns, all my personal information is now digitally encrypted to a specific key. A java program
is used to accept the key, generate a hash by adding the key to a specific set of numbers and loading my CV
and other personal details. The key used is simple -- it is the post code of my home address, found on the printed
version of my CV. You cannot access (and I will NOT give you access without [a] either knowing you on
a personal basis or [b] if you are a potential employer) my details without the key.

As of writing this the security system is being rewritten for extra speed.
It currently takes 5-6 minutes to load (on a fast machine with high bandwidth).
It is, however fully functional. Simply click on the applet once it is loaded.
Then type the keys of my CV. A KeyPress Detect will be shown while you type.
Correct entry will result in the CV being loaded after 2 mins or so.