Sentinel Security Toolkit Development
( This will soon have its own web page. )

Sentinel is a fast file/drive scanning utility similar to the Tripwire and utilities available. It uses a database similar to Tripwire, but uses a RIPEMD-160bit MAC checksumming algorithm (no patents) which is more secure than the patented MD5 128 bit checksum. It should run on most unixes (tested on redhat linux v6.0 & v5.2, slackware linux v3.x & 4.xb and IRIX (v5.2 and v6.x). Several other utilities which are used for Sentinel development are also posted here. Most utilities are included with the sentinel tarball.
Download Sentinel for Linux (tar.gz file) - Available [ Sentinel v1.2.1c+ ] [ Sentinel v1.2.1c ]

Download small diff file from Philippe Andersson <>
for PowerPC based linux machines (will be included in main file in next release, along
with c-beautified source code) - Available [minor diff patch]

Download Sentinel for Linux (tar file) - Available [ Sentinel v1.1.7c ]

Download Sentinel for Linux (tar file) - Available [ Sentinel v1.0.2c ]

Download Sentinel for Irix (tar file) - N/A

gSentinel is a graphical front-end to sentinel. Newbies should download gSentinel as it comes with a very simple rpm based installation and offers a friendly interface. Beware that gSentinel is currently under development and may be fairly crude compared to most GUI packages. To compile and install : rpm --recompile filename.src.rpm...Note that this is *not* distributed as a tar.gz file since updates to gSentinel will be at a faster pace than the regular sentinel tarball.
Download gSentinel for Linux (src.rpm file) - Available [ gSentinel v1.0.1c ]
Sverify is a RIPEMD calculator for sentinel.
Download RIPEMD checksumming utility for Linux (tar) [ Sverify 0.0 ]
Download RIPEMD checksumming utility for Irix (tar.gz) - N/A
EXEPAK is now packaged with sentinel to improve security and reduce the size of the sentinel file. It is a linux executable packer.
Stable :
Download Linux ELF compression utility version 1.2 (exepak-1.2.tar.gz) or (exepak-1.2-1.src.rpm)
Download Linux ELF compression utility version 1.3(pre-release) compliments of R.Georgi (  (exepak-1.3pre.tar.gz)

Z-File / PalmPilot & Linux Development


Z-File is an initiative to convert the PalmPilot into a portable 500K floppy drive (or a block device under linux). It is released only under the terms of the GNU GPL. Please read the files GPL.TXT and ZFILE.TXT for a full description and terms of the GPL as well as an introduction to Z-File.

Download the Linux kernel patches :                             Kernel version(tgz)                Kernel Patch
                                                                                        2.1.132                                    2.1.132-z?                                Current Version
                                                                                       2.1.132                                    2.1.132-z?                                Version 0.0a2

Download the ZFile package :                                        ZFile version

Version notes :
0.0a2 - mounts a small romfs block filesystem. cannot (yet) read from PDAs.