Z-DOC / PalmPilot
ZDOC is a GPLised industry standard DOC file format viewer/editor with a few extras. It is released only under the terms of the GNU GPL. Please read the files GPL.TXT and ZDOC.TXT for a full description and terms of the GPL as well as an introduction to ZDOC.

You can download ZDOC from the ZDOC Programmers page by clicking here.

ZDOC Manual :-

Preliminary Manual Version 0.0.0a
Covers ZDOC Releases 0.x through 6.x

ZDOC Installation 

Download the file zdoc?.zip from this page for the version you would like to install. Use PKUNZIP(tm) or an equivalent utility that can read ZIP files. Then  unzip the downloaded file. Source code files (in c) are included as are header files (.h) as well as  text files. Read through the following files :- 
ZDOC_ERR.TXT : Latest error reports for the version downloaded. 
ZDOC_TECH.TXT : Latest non-technical explanations for the errors and possible fixes. 
GPL.TXT : The GNU General Public License. You must agree to this license before using or modifying ZDOC, or reading the included source code. 
ZDOC.TXT : The latest notes for your version. 

There is also a file called ZDOC.PRC which is the program. Use the install tool and hotsync with your PalmPilot(tm) to install ZDOC. After installation the icon shown at the left hand side will be visible. Tapping on the icon will launch ZDOC. 

Loading files 

Files can be loaded by selecting the filename from the drop down list at the top and clicking on the Open button.Text can be selected and the first record of the file scrolled through by simply touching the pen and sliding it down. Note the small arrow on the top right hand side of the screen, which shows that ZDOC is free to recieve input. If it changes into a star, it indicates ZDOC is usually processing something. You can copy/paste text to/from the clipboard on ZDOC Versions 5.0.0b and above. You can also scroll through the text one line at a time by using the hardware up/down buttons on the case
(Versions 5.0.0b or later)

The menu system is a simple single drop down menu. ZDOC releases above (and including) 5.0.0b no longer have a simple (and single) drop down menu. All of  the new menu options are partitioned into several menus, conforming to the PalmOS UI better.
Clicking on Save in a compressed file results in a brief wait. Note the * icon at the top right hand corner indicating ZDOC is busy compressing and saving the 4K of compressed record. On changing back to the arrow, ZDOC is free for user input.
Scrolling through the entire database 4K at a time requires the use of the up 
and down button arrows which jump through the DOC database in 4K chunks.
The About button results in a small message dialog with the usual. (:-)
Hitting serial recieve requires you to have an open database with a record loaded (which can be blank if you create a new record by hitting the New record menu option. It then displays a static screen until it times out or until a 4K chunk of text has been transmitted to the pilot (9600,N81,no flow control). Simply open your favourite terminal program, set it to 9600 N81 and paste the 4K into the com port the pilot is connected to. If its less than 4K press enter and keep it pressed until the pilot's * symbol changes to an arrow and the symbol following the RECV 9600 sign changes (both should occur virtually imultaneously). There is no need to save..the record is already saved.
Transmitting requires you to have no open DOC files. Simply select the DOC file to transmit from the list (same as the open button selection) and click transmit. It will blast all the records (i.e. the whole file) in normal ascii text out the com port at 9600bps. It doesnt matter if the file is compressed/encrypted or normal. It converts everything to standard ASCII and bursts it out. Put a few CR's at the end of your file (last record) and set CR translation to CR-LF on the desktop terminal program. This is due to picky buffers and sometimes picky terminal progs.
Creating a new DOC database is easy. Punch the New Database menu item and a small form will popup with the fields to fill in. Enter the name of the new DB, select compressed if you want it compressed, select encrypt if you want it encrypted and click done. The DB is created instantly. Be aware that it may not show up in the main list immediately. Simply open a random DB and select close from the menu which reloads the list (when it should show up). Alternatively, close and reload the program (Click on calculator or some other app, then go to apps and select ZDOC in PalmOS 2.x or just click on application and then click on the ZDOC icon in OS 3.x). For encrypted DBs, type in the password before saving records (Use the password option on the menu to enter it). Passwords will be maintained for the remainder of the session. Note that your password should be 8 characters...no more or less. If it is less, fill the remainder with spaces. Note that you can encrypt files with different passwords for each record, so one file can have more than one password. Handy for restricting some information to some people and different information to another class of people while distributing the same file to everyone equally. Note also that the algorithm can be cracked with moderate programming skill. Since you have the source code, you can change the algorithm to your own, though.
This shows the drop down list of databases. It can hold upto a maximum of 20 unique database names. (if anyone has more than 20 let me know and i'll extend it...no big deal)
Showing the same thing in AportisDOC. Note the fact that the DOC file created by ZDOC shows up too (showing that ZDOC created DBs are fully compatible with aportis)
The edited and saved compressed DOC database with the editing changes clearly visible, loaded into AportisDOC.

ZDOC Acknowledgements list :-
BETA TESTING (PPro) -- paulmah@cyberway.com.sg

ZDOC do fast list :-
<Stuff i gotta work on ASAP>
Remove the error handling code from unimplemented functions.  -- paulmah@cyberway.com.sg                <--done.
Reduce the time of repeat for the file information to 0.                                                                             <--done.

ZDOC Wish List :-
<Stuff i'll get around to doing sooner or later>
Add multiple opening of files from the open box without the need to
close and reload the entire program.                                                                                                       <--done.
Add scrolling one line at a time via the palmpilots hardware buttons.                                                         <--done
Add copy/paste facilities.                                                                                                                       <--done